GREETINGS, MORTAL hello there and welcome to my corner of the
~World Wide Web~!

I'm Ulf Åström and this is my personal homepage. I don't advertise this place much so you probably know already who I am and what you are looking for. The purpose of this homepage is to document the things I do. It is my digital drawer that you may peruse as you wish.

I sometimes neglect maintaining this page. If you find something that's horribly out of date, let me know (or don't! "LOL")

Stuff I Have Been Busy With Lately (aka "Updates")

Game Development

Other Zoftware


Other hobbies





I currently work as a programmer, developing a video transcoder in C++.

I previously worked (for ~10 years) as a technical consultant in electrical engineering. I did a lot of CAD and a bit of programming. It was like living in a Dilbert strip.

I put this silly thing together to showcase my skills. If you have an interesting proposal, we should get in touch.

Other things

The Swedish Toilet Exploration AssociationPeople keep asking what this is. I will never tell.