I'm Ulf Åström and this is my personal homepage. I don't advertise this place much so you probably know already who I am and what you are looking for. The purpose of this homepage is to document the things I do. It is my digital drawer that you may peruse as you wish.

I sometimes neglect maintaining this page. If you find something that's horribly out of date, let me know.



Other projects

  • SLAKT, a platform shoot 'em up with a western theme
  • BASMENT DWELLERS, an epic next-gen RPG about killing monsters and stealing their treasure
  • A serialization library for C. It converts binary data to human-readable text and back, including pointers and arrays. zlib license.
  • A small example how to do line wrapping in C
  • I'm developing a camouflage pattern generator. I would like to rewrite this in JavaScript, but I don't really have the time right now.
  • Word counter that generates statistics on word occurence (probably not very useful in practice)


Other activities

  • My user page at the geohashing community wiki. Geohashing is an Internet game/GPS sport about visiting random locations and having spontaneous adventures. I'm not very active anymore.


BRAABLIBS CURSE BASMENT HAMSTER The Swedish Toilet Exploration Association Lasagna on wheels Hot coals



I work as a technical consultant with industrial electrical systems. I do a lot of CAD and a bit of programming. It sounds a lot more serious than it really is.

Other things