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<tametick>i've detected a temporal anomaly at the xentki sector. it's only barely registering on the sensor array
<tametick>ensign ds-creamer, reroute energy from the deflector dish. i want to get a clear reading on those anomalies!
<ds-creamer>captain, it seems to be...a broom. several hundred kilometers long.
<graspee>i has such love for broom
<graspee>openerize a channa to broom!
<tametick>it is not responding to our hails
<graspee>the deep space object known as broom is well known for trolling behaviour
<tametick>charge phaser banks. ready torpedo chambers
<tametick>shields up. all hands to battle stations!
<graspee>i use my telepathic abilitehs to warn broom
<tametick>what are you sensing, specialist graspee?
<graspee>i'm sensing great love and intelligence from this broom, captain
<graspee>we should let it go about its business
<tametick>very well. go down to yellow alert ensign ds-creamer. close gun ports but keep phaser banks in standby mode
<graspee>can i tell if the shields are down?
<tametick>not to the broom you can't
<graspee>no i meant can i tell
<graspee>from my knowledge
<tametick>your telepathic abilities do not extend to scanning the positronic matrix of the ships computer, and as a communications officer your terminal does not show tactical data
<graspee>something tells me you don't even trust your own officers
<tametick>just you, specialist. i never trusted betazoids
<graspee>i want to beam aboard the ISS broom!
<tametick>set a course back to the the inara system. warp 6.
<tametick>i'll be in my ready room if you need me.
<graspee>just before we go to warp i send a telepathic message to broom with detailed schematics of the captain's marmelade locker
<tametick>brooms have no mouth, and ergo no use for marmalade
<graspee>you would be surprised what value good quality marmalade has on the black market of the outer rim worlds