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Ever heard a HIM song? If you have heard one, you have heard them all*.

(* I actually like HIM. I wrote this mostly as a joke back in 2004, and it seemed like the kind of provocative thing to say when people were still obsessing over them...)

These lyrics are randomly generated by mapping a list of sentence structures to a list of valid words for each position in the sentence.

You may use the lyrics generated for whatever you wish without any restrictions, but if you do turn any of this nonsense into actual music I would like to hear the result.

Let's see what we got this time...

So forgetful within, yet sharp
If I would despise in my tomb
If she would trust blood, I would hate
Can I conceal, I might despise, tomorrow

In my dreams tonight, I can drown
In time, so morbid and peaceful
Her malfunctioning spider, so drowning
Hoping in your arms, so morbid today

If you would destroy slave, I would die
If God would kiss in my crypt
Can I kiss, I will love, tonight
When life is crying

Would I drown, God would despise
In Satan, so buried and peaceful
I shall awaken, for hell, tonight
Her loving queen, so tormented


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