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Mahjong Etiquette

Here are some guidelines you should observe when taking part in mahjong games. People play mahjong for many different reasons; some want to compete on an international level, while others do it just to hang out with friends or as an excuse to leave the house at all. For everyone to enjoy the game you should pick a level of formality that matches the ambitions of the group.

Tournaments are of course more formal than social games and require a stricter adherence to protocol. Many tournament participants are very passionate about mahjong, put a lot of time and money (for travel expenses, etc) into their hobby and expect a high degree of professionalism in return. On the other hand, these people also need to remember that it is just a game.

In one of the groups I used to play with people would frequently disrupt the game by flipping each others tiles over, stealing counter sticks and causing all kinds of mischief. This was all in good spirit though and there was little harm in it as long as everyone was having fun - if you know people on a personal level you can taunt them all you want. It's not all set in stone.

Most of this is common sense and a lot of this stuff should go without saying. 98% of mahjong players I have met have been nice people. Let's keep it that way.

Finally, some practicalities: