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I come from a family of self-taught musicians. As a child I played french horn in a wind band, but it was a rather demotivating experience. It wasn't until after I quit that I became seriously interested in music.

In my early teens I started producing electronic music, first with MIDI, but I soon moved on to trackers. I have later learned to play the guitar, ukulele, keyboards and ocarina somewhat. I also like to play around with synthesizers.

My musical taste has varied quite a bit over the years. I had an early interest in classical music (Tchaikovsky being a favourite). My brother was into punk, so I picked up a bit of that as well. For a couple of years I was obsessed with videogame soundtracks and briefly involved in the remixing scene. This way I got interested in the demoscene (never being part of it myself, just a spectator) and darker electronic music (rs3 of hellven was a huge influence). In the late 00s I developed a taste for metal.

I mostly listen to stuff you probably haven't heard of; I'm indie-elitist.


SKRAEKTEATERN is an electronic project where I explore darker themes with a distorted, lo-fi sound. It's anti-music; soundtracks for a world of rusty machinery where everything is lost and broken.

I played ukulele in New Slabadollers. After several years of working on my own in the studio, I wanted to make music a social activity. It was a very bad time for everyone, but we tried to make the best of it. We played some gigs and pushed our do-it-yourself attitute to the extreme.

I'm also somehow involved in Hot Mot Rolf.

Personal favourites

Below is a selection of songs I have made. All files are encoded as OggVorbis. I have released under the handles Boa (1999-2001), t-owl (2001-2003) and the ru (2003-2010).

(Note to self: it would be nice if there was some way to stream these. Does anyone ever download audio files anymore?)

Some old yet intriguing songs

Chip EP #1

This was supposed to sound like a shoot'em-up soundtrack.


Mera Brännvin - an Eddie Meduza cover we recorded at highschool in 2001. Vocals by Stigge, Jerry & Joel on guitar, Oja on drums and me on bass. Mixed by Max Z.

You can find an old remix I made of "Stones" (from the Ultima series) at The Stones Archive.

In 2003 I hosted a small chip compo. I also briefly ran a chip group/label, but couldn't figure out where I wanted it to go.

I have sampled most of the sounds from my Yamaha PSR-150.