happyponyland.net / Parking tickets machines

At some point in my life (around 2005), I decided to start taking photos of myself with parking ticket machines (instead of, like, normal tourist attractions).

I've decided to leave them un-cropped and un-altered except for the scaling, to preserve the multitude of poor image composition, poor camera handling, bad lighting and blurry selfies. It spans over a decade of digital camera technology. It's also a curious cross-section of my life showing different hair styles, different beard styles, different glasses, awkward poses, ill-fitting clothes, unclear itineraries and reminders of friends that are no longer friends.

2022: Solna.

2022: Luleå.

2022: Trollhättan.

2022: Danderyd.

2021: Västerås.

2021: Stockholm.

2021: Åkersberga.

2020: Norrköping.

2019: Unsure, probably somewhere around Stockholm.

2019: Uppsala.

2019: Narvik.

2019: Solna.

2019: Trollhättan.

2018: Norrköping.

2018: Stockholm.

2018: Sollentuna.

2018: Malmö.

2018: Kraków, Poland.

2017: Umeå.

2017: Karlskrona.

I'm actually drinking a beer!?

2017: Eskilstuna.

2016: Wrocław, Poland.

2015: Wrocław, Poland.

2015: Stockholm.

2014: Tokyo, Japan.

2014: Gävle.

2014: Kraków, Poland.

2014: Berlin, Germany.

2014: Västerås.

2014: Västerås on New Years Day. Here is a video of the police ramming a car at that very spot!

2013: Kiruna.

2013: Arvika.

2013: Jyväskylä, Finland.

2013: Uppsala.

2012: Somewhere in western Sweden, probably Mariestad.

2010: Stockholm.

2010: Budapest, Hungary.

2009: Skövde.

2007: Tallinn, Estonia.

2006: Sundsvall.

2005: Umeå, I think.