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I would never hire anyone that used "Skillz" on their resume.
    - some party pooper on IRC

Hi! This is some of the stuff I do.

I'm not seriously expecting anyone to offer me a job just because they found this page. This is not a resume; it omits many details and instead lists a lot of stuff that might not be very relevant when applying for actual jobs. It's mostly just a way to remind myself what I'm good at. Writing this has been cathartic.

Get in touch if you have a proposal you would like to discuss.

Career Goals

I'm not sure. I have mostly worked with technology so far and I'm currently looking for something more social (writing, teaching?). I'm finally coming to terms that I'm not well suited for having a day job that is only about clocking many hours; I need a challenge. I prefer to work on a multitude of small projects and moving on when I'm done.


General Computing

Game Development