happyponyland.net / Small Chip Compo 01

SCC01 was a chiptune compo I hosted in early 2003. The name was a play on words with "big chip compo" which was quite popular at the time.

There was a total of 5 entries, including my own. I don't recall what the limitations were, but I believe the songs were only allowed to be 32k in file size.

During the voting process, each participant rated the other 4 songs from 1 to 4 (best to worst). Each "1" gave 4 points, each "2" gave 3 points, and so on.

The votepack includes all the songs (and yes, I am aware that I made a mistake in the voting instructions).


1st place (tied): wrecked space station by \slash

1st place (tied): bar brawl boyz by t-owl

2nd place: drunk drivin' by vincenzo

3rd place: nemos journey by cRim

4th place: bad night by Debi


Artist Filename 4s 3s 2s 1s Total
\slash we3.it 8 (4x2) 6 (3x2) 14
t-owl bcb.it 8 (4x2) 6 (3x2) 14
vincenzo drunk_drivin.it 4 (4x1) 4 (2x2) 1 (1x1) 9
cRim n_j1.xm 3 (3x1) 4 (2x2) 1 (1x1) 8
Debi db_night.it 2 (2x1) 3 (1x3) 5